Wednesday, November 4, 2009

091102 WOD & Post WOD Nutrition!

100 Deadlift
100 OH Squat

Lindsey: 15:57 @ 155/85#
Jeremy: 14:35 @ 185/45#
Elizabeth: 9:02 @ 65/35#
Brad J: 13:35 @ 135/45#
Heather: 12:01 @ 65/35#
Alycia: 10:04 @ 55/15#
Mike: 13:05 @ 95/25#
Josh: 22:51 @ 135/45#
Jess: 14:33 @ 65/15#
Kurt: 17:21 @ 85/35#
Noah: 12:53 @ 45/15#
Madell: 21:23 @ 75/15#
G$: 23:47 @ 65/35#
Jean: 13:17 @ 35/pvc
Sean: 16:16 @ 55/pvc

Score ranked by power output Weight/Time (x 1.4 women).

Proper recovery after a workout is essential to progress in your fitness. Giving everything you have in your workout then not eating or eating poorly and not getting enough sleep will mute your bodies ability to recover, slowing or even halting progress. After a workout your muscles are depleted in glycogen and will need Carbohydrate, Protein and Water IMMEDIATELY! You have about 30 minutes to effectively begin the process of replenishing what has been lost during exercise and supply fuel for your body to begin building a stronger more capable you. THIS IS CRITICAL!

There are lots of choices. I drink a bottle of Trader Joes 32 oz plain kefir (cultured milk) which has about 44 grams of Carbs (not enough) and about 56 grams of Protein (as well as a host of beneficial bacteria and yeasts) and some kind of fruit like a banana, apple or raisins. A lot of people drink Chocolate or whole Milk. This is a great, simple, convenient choice. There are all kinds of fancy recovery beverages. Eat some dates, a hard boiled egg or two and some 'aid beverage, I don't care, just get carbohydrate, protein and H2O in you and fast!

After your post workout recovery "meal", as soon as you can, eat a real meal. A high block Zone meal if possible. Make sure you have some omega 3 fatty acids in your diet as well. A quality fish oil supplement works well if you don't get much fish in your diet and a quality multi vitamin will help to ensure that your body has the micronutrients it needs.

... consult your doctor.

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